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Welcome to Fresh Funerals – Funerals your Way

Someone you love has died…and you would prefer to take your time and make the decisions you need to make online.

Fresh Funerals offers an innovative step forward in the process of planning a funeral. We believe you can be your own funeral planner and receive the funeral you want ,as opposed to the funeral youre given

We provide you with the opportunity to select what activities you’d like to take care of, and what you’d like a funeral director to do. By selecting to do some of the tasks yourself, you may be able to save money and provide a special funeral that reflects your loved ones wishes and unique personality.

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We will walk you through the whole funeral process, so you can decide what you will do to save costs and what you’d like your Funeral Director to do for you.

We believe if we can help you do your very best in planning funeral, you will feel proud that you did. 

Please follow through the steps on the checklist and select the options you’d like. If you choose save it and send it to family to approve

The press SUBMIT at the base of your checklist and it will be returned to you via email and sent to

Funeral Directors  near you who will email you quotes directly within several hours

  • This process has been helpful and I am now confident I will be able to navigate what is to come with confidence

  • It was helpful to see itemised what needs to happen to manage a funeral.

    I also learned there are degrees of embalming which was news to me. The funeral director that I spoke with in person prior to contacting you,  had not indicated that there is a choice, even though I was hoping to avoid the embalming altogether

  • I would also like to empower others to reclaim this aspect of caring for family members. Your website was a step in that direction and so I am grateful to you for that


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